Wooden pallets are not just chaotic combination of boards, stringers, and blocks – construction of every pallet is customized to the needs of customer’s individual requirements according to the application, strength required, as well as price of the pallet. Combination of these factors gives you the best cost efficiency!

Customers may have different perception of quality requirements that are set for pallets. In order for all involved parties to get better understanding of which quality is the most appropriate for the specific order or application, we have compiled quality requirements we use! 

Concise quality grade descriptions are given below:

1A – Extra high quality pallets, mostly kiln dried, without sawdust, mainly for pharmaceutical and food industry;

1 – Basically 1st grade pallets of very good quality without blue stain, may be used for wide range of applications, e.g. in warehousing;
1C – Standard quality (between 1st and 2nd grade), without bark, with some blue stain, for the widest range of applications;
2 – One-way pallets where strength is more important than appearance;
3 – One-way pallets with very low quality requirements for moving light goods;